Blogging101- My Dream Readers – My Children

Well Good evening to my two children.

Did I tell you how fab your Xmas present was ? You know the one – the dinky little vinyl record player!

I cant tell you how much I am enjoying it. I am listening to records I haven’t heard for twenty five years.

I have sorted all my record collection into order.

There is stuff there I recall and still sounds ace. There is stuff I cannot initially recall, put on and ….oh yeah I remember now.

Then there are the ones I don’t recall, listen to and think …  Oh my god, did I really buy this dross ? What was I thinking?

But shall I tell you the best bit ? That was on Xmas morning when the pair of you were watching me un-pack it, set it up, put a record on the turntable, change the speed from 33 to 45, switch it on and place the arm on the grooves.

Your faces were a picture because even at your age – you hadn’t a clue how it worked. That was my favourite moment of the entire festive period.

So many thanks for that. Have a fab 2015 and cant wait too see you both real soon.




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