It still has its magic for me

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Re-springing Your Step.”

I don’t see much of them these days, my children that is … my two grown up children – especially at the same time.

Xmas eve 2014 was the first time in twelve months they had both stayed over. So our brief time together was fabulous.

It was the usual … visiting family, too much to eat, too much to drink – especially me. I sometimes think it is me who has yet to grow up.

My son left home to study at University four years ago. He has matured and learned a lot since he left. He is level headed, compassionate, takes everything in his stride, doesn’t get stressed, doesn’t lose sleep over issues he cant control. Three years in a big city opened his eyes so the fact there is a world out there and its his for the taking. When he finished his three years he moved on somewhere else. He wont come back to this town, and I don’t blame him. He has ambitions and there is a much better chance of fulfilling them elsewhere.

My daughter also moved away to University, she is in her final year. Like her brother, she plans to move on somewhere else. Surprisingly, she hasn’t yet made her mind up what she wants to do – its so unlike her. That apart she is determined, focused and at times … bloody minded. She has always loved studying – all through high school, college years, and now studying in in York. Its a fantastic place for a student-life – so much there… so much history … so many places of interest … and so many PUBS!

I imagine it is strange for the pair of them seeing little of each other. They spent 18 years living under the same roof – fighting, arguing, strops. But you know what is pleasing for me, even though they are apart – they seem close.

And when might I see them both again ?

… roll on Xmas!


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